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    Mark Astor


    Mr. Astor’s law practice, Drug and Alcohol Attorneys ( focuses on representing and empowering individuals who are in crisis because of drug, alcohol and mental heath disorders. Many times, individuals or families come to Mr. Astor because they have a friend or loved one who either refuses to go into treatment, or will not stay in treatment. When this is the case, Mr. Astor gives counsel to help navigate through the Marchman Act process, Florida’s involuntary commitment law for drug, alcohol and co-occurring mental heath disorders. Additionally, Mr. Astor provides counsel when there is a need to file an Emergency Guardianship Petition (ETG) so that an individual who is no longer competent to make medical decisions for themselves can have that burden taken off their shoulders. On other occasions, individuals find themselves in the criminal justice system and need assistance navigating it’s complexities, having been arrested for an offense that stems from drug addiction or mental health disorders.

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    Glenn Roderman


    I have spent over 40 years of my law career in the criminal justice system, as a state prosecutor, judge and criminal defense attorney being professionally involved in thousands of cases in Florida. I can help you or a member of your family and/or friends through the very trying, stressful, and frustrating period of life that seems so serious and sometimes hopeless.

    Please browse my website and see testimonials, case dispositions, areas of law that we are professionally involved with and the videos of some high profile cases that I have successfully handled over the years.

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